Welcome to our wide range of van seat covers, offering unparalleled comfort and style for your transport vehicle. Our collection provides a variety of intelligently designed and extremely well-crafted upholstery that will not only accentuate the aesthetics of your minibus but also provide comfort and durability throughout its usage.

Our seat covers for vans are available in various color and material options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and style.

Why Choose Van Seat Covers from Cobra Auto

Our van seat covers represent the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability. With innovative design and attention to detail, these products not only transform the interior of your minibus but also surround it with functionality and elegance.

The compatibility and versatility of our products ensure a perfect fit on 2+1 seat minibuses, covering a wide range of models and brands. Designed for easy installation with hooks and metal elastics, the covers offer the possibility of quickly customizing your minibus.

Most importantly, the durability of the materials guarantees long-term use and resistance to daily wear. The intelligent padding and attention to detail not only enhance the appearance but also protect the seats from wear. Our van seat covers are not just accessories but a real investment in style, comfort, and durability, worthy of every journey.

Materials and Design

Fill your minibus with refinement and comfort through our varied selection of covers, where materials and design blend in harmony.

Our covers’ design is smart and functional. Every line and detail are carefully crafted to ensure a perfect fit and emphasize the aesthetics of your minibus. Regardless of the chosen material, each product represents a balance between elegance and comfort.

Eco-friendly Auto Leather and Dense Textile

Fill your minibus with a combination of elegance and comfort with this seat cover. Eco-friendly auto leather offers style and sophistication, while dense textile ensures comfort and additional durability. An ideal choice for those who appreciate the combination of luxury and functionality.

Eco-friendly Auto Leather and Quilted Eco-friendly Leather

The combination of eco-friendly auto leather and quilted eco-friendly leather creates a unique exterior look that is not only easy to maintain but also offers a beautiful pattern. Very easy to clean, this cover provides unparalleled comfort and visual pleasure.

Eco-friendly Auto Leather and Auto Alcantara

With this cover, we combine eco-friendly auto leather and auto Alcantara for a breezy look all year round. The material does not sweat in summer and does not retain cold in winter, ensuring a high level of comfort and style.

German Dense Textile

German dense textile in this cover offers a natural and warm look. Combining high-quality textiles with German precision results in strength and durability for the product.

Central Part Padded with Polyurethane Foam and Textile Material

The central part of this seat cover is airy and comfortable, made from breathable textile material, padded with polyurethane foam, and soft cotton textile material. These high-quality materials not only provide strength and softness but also protect the seats from wear.


Our covers are designed for minibuses equipped with double seats and a single individual seat (2+1 seats). This design allows complete coverage of various minibus models, combining elegance with practicality.

Designed with the individuality of each customer in mind, our seat covers for van not only offer functionality but also emit a unique style. Regardless of the chosen design or color, you can be sure that the product will contribute to the personal appearance of your minibus.

Special attention to details in the design of our covers ensures an excellent fit and easy installation. Our universal approach provides a simple and quick way to transform the interior of your minibus.


Choosing our seat covers is not just an aesthetic choice; it includes a smart design that makes installation quick and hassle-free. With our intuitive approach, our products stand out for easy installation, making the process accessible to any user.

The cover attachment process is facilitated by the use of metal hooks and elastics. These elements not only ensure a firm fixation of the cover on the seats but also provide additional security during travels. Metal hooks ensure resistance to external influences and protect the covers from accidental slipping.

Through this intuitive and fast installation method, you are able to customize your minibus yourself without spending much time or effort. After completing the process, you will not only have a stylized interior but also a comfortable environment for every journey.

Resistance and Durability

Our covers are specially treated to resist wear and dirt, often associated with the daily use of the minibus. Whether it’s frequent travels in urban conditions or long journeys, the materials are designed to maintain their natural beauty and resist external influences.

Using materials that don’t easily fade gives the covers a long-lasting freshness. Regardless of intense sunlight or frequent cleanings, they will maintain their elegant appearance, providing you with confidence in the product’s quality.

The materials used in our van seat covers are easy to clean, maintaining the products in perfect condition. Simple maintenance methods not only highlight the comfort of use but also offer a quick and efficient way to preserve the freshness and durability of the covers.