Welcome to our van windshields category at Cobra Auto, where innovation and functionality take center stage.

Perfect Fit for Every Model

For us, every van deserves individual attention. Therefore, each windshield model offered by Cobra Auto is strictly specific to a particular vehicle model. We guarantee a perfect fit and a style that seamlessly integrates with the look of your van.

Quality, Impact Resistance, and Flexibility

Our windshields are made from high-quality and impact-resistant plastic. This material not only provides exceptional strength but also flexibility. The elastic material allows windshields to bend without breaking, offering additional flexibility during installation and use.

Dark Smoky Color for Elegance

We offer our van windshields primarily in a dark smoky color, giving your van not only protection but also stylish elegance. This design accentuates the exterior appearance and gives you a personalized presence on the road.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Before installing the windshields, we recommend cleaning the door frame. This way, you can easily and quickly mount your accessory, ready to protect and showcase your style.

UV Filter and Perfect Aerodynamics

Sunplex windshields feature a microfilm for UV protection, shielding them from ultraviolet rays. Additionally, the innovative aerodynamic shape allows safe airflow in the cabin of your van, providing perfect aerodynamics and comfort on every journey.

Choose quality, style, and reliability with van windshields from Cobra Auto – your destination for auto accessories.